It can be quite difficult to find the right trousers. You want to feel well-dressed and at the same time your trousers need to be functional and look good on you. We believe that the core of beauty is simplicity. The plain design and clear lines of our trousers show how beautiful and elegant workwear can be when it is not lost in the detail. The trousers are just as stylish to match with a simple top as with our tunics. An excellent fit makes them a favourite both privately and at work.

For those who prefer their trousers slightly roomier and wider, we suggest our unisex styles in a classic and sporty cut. Our unisex styles are designed to fit equally well, regardless of gender or profession.


2014 Ladies’ trousers

482,00 kr EX MOMS

2023 Ella trousers

482,00 kr EX MOMS

2015 Worker trousers

482,00 kr EX MOMS

2041 Unisexchinos

482,00 kr EX MOMS

4701 SHR trousers

513,00 kr EX MOMS

1000 Saga Leggings

269,00 kr EX MOMS

6010 Wilma workwear trousers

549,00 kr EX MOMS