About you and us

It’s all about you!

Since you have ended up on our site, you are probably looking for workwear. Nice, comfortable workwear of good quality. And yes! You have come to the right place. We are Work & Clothes, and it is fine for us if you don’t have the time nor the motivation to dive into our passion, our vision, and our story. Because we could really tell you lots about our solid experience from workwear, from fabrics, accessories, design, fitting….
We could talk about all our skilled and passionate suppliers who design, produce, and deliver to premium brands in the fashion- and workwear industry. We could speak for hours of the passion behind creating workwear that you will love to wear. How much we care about the craftmanship and about your style. Not to mention how many of our clients that appreciate the design, the quality, and the personal attention they experience we give them. We could really go on for ages about the honour we put in serving you with true engagement…. And our sense of responsibility for the environment, for social and economic sustainability. But that is probably not why you have come to our site!